Population growth in the Caribbean

The population of the Caribbean has grown significantly over the past few decades. Study the table below. From the table it can be deduced that the rate of population growth in the Caribbean has been slowing down.

Table showing population growth in the Caribbean from 1980 – 2020


In 1963, the rate of population growth in the Caribbean was 2.23%. The general trend since then can be described as a rather steady decline. By 2020, the rate of population growth in the region was 0.46%. 

Factors Affecting Population Growth in the Caribbean

Fertility rates: Generally, fertility rates have dropped significantly in the region. Various forms of contraceptives are easily available. Also, a greater proportion of women have entered the workforce and more women pursue higher education. Thus, many women are choosing to have children later in life and also have fewer children. 

Birth rates: Birth rates have also decreased for the same reasons which impacted fertility rates.

Infant mortality: Improvements in healthcare have led to significant reductions in infant mortality rates throughout the region.

Note: Over the past several decades, many Caribbean governments implemented various sexual and reproductive health programs and encouraged family planning. These have played a significant role in reducing fertility rates, birth rates and infant mortality. 

Life expectancy: Improvements in healthcare have caused life expectancy throughout the region to increase. However the increase in life expectancy has been relatively slow compared to many other parts of the world.

Death rates: Death rates have remained roughly stable despite improvements in medical care due to the increasing proportion of elderly people in the Caribbean.

Migration: There is a significant flow of emigrants from the region. Many people choose to migrate to countries such as the USA, Canada and the UK. The flow of immigrants into the region is significantly smaller. The Caribbean can be described as a region of net emigration.


Note: The Caribbean is made up of many countries and there may be significant variations in the above factors from one country to another.



Caribbean Countries Pay for Successfully Addressing Population Issues



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