Reducing or Enlarging a Map


The CXC Geography syllabus requires you to know how to enlarge or reduce map or a section of a map. This is a relatively simple process as long as you follow some simple steps. Let’s look at the process of enlarging a map:

Step 1: Draw a grid over the map or the section of the map you want to enlarge. The map you are dealing with may already have a grid. The eastings and northings on a map form a grid.

Step 2: Draw a larger grid on a piece of paper. The exact size of this larger grid depends on how much larger you want to draw your map. If you make your grid squares twice as long and twice as wide as the grid squares on the original map, then your enlarged drawing will be twice as long and twice as wide as the original map. Include the numbers of the eastings and northings if they are present on your map. For the CXC Geography examination, the grid is usually provided. The video below takes you through the first two steps in detail.

Step 3:  Carefully draw the features that you need onto your grid. Use your knowledge of four figure grid references and six figure grid references to place these features as accurately as possible. Make sure your features are in the correct grid squares. Ensure that each feature is placed in the correct position within the grid square. These features may include the coastline, contour lines, roads, rivers, areas of cultivation, particular buildings and so on. For the CXC Geography examination, the exact features you need to include will be indicated. Do not waste time including unnecessary features.

Step 4: Include a north arrow and a key. Only include relevant symbols in your key. For instance, if you are not required to draw contour lines on your map, there is no need to include a symbol for contour lines in your key. 

The video below takes you through steps 3 and four of the process.

Reducing a map or section of a map

The process of reducing the size of a map or a section of a map is exactly the same as the process of enlarging it except for one thing. If you are going to reduce the size of a map, you are going to need to draw a grid which is smaller than the grid on the original map

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