Human Systems 
2 Sections

The Human Systems section of the syllabus deals with the topics listed below. Bear in mind that candidates will be required to answer one question from this section of the syllabus when writing Paper 2 of the CXC Geography Examination.

Population and Settlement


Population distribution, population density, population pyramids

Representing Population Data on a Map

Choropleth maps and dot maps

Population Growth in the Caribbean

Factors influencing population growth in the Caribbean

Population Density and Distribution in Dominica

Factors influencing population distribution in Dominica

Population Growth in Jamaica

Factors influencing population growth in Jamaica

Population Growth in China

Population growth and the One Child Policy

Urbanization in the Caribbean

Reasons for urbanization, benefits and problems of urbanization

Population Growth in Kingston, Jamaica

Population growth in Kingston and urban sprawl

International Migration in Jamaica

Effects of international migration in Jamaica

Economic Activity

Types of Economic Activity

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary economic activity

Bauxite Mining in Jamaica

Bauxite mining and refining, trends, challenges, environmental issues

Food processing in the Caribbean

Importance, location, trends

Food Processing in Singapore

Importance, location, trends

Tourism in the Caribbean

Reasons tourists visit the Caribbean, benefits and disadvantages of tourism

Tourism in Barbados

Reasons tourists visit Barbados, marketing Barbados, challenges

Agriculture in the Caribbean

Importance and trends

Sugarcane cultivation in Guyana

Sugarcane cultivation, sugar production and marketing

Sugarcane cultivation in Brazil

Sugarcane cultivation, ethanol production, employment and mechanization

Small scale farming in Guyana

Farm size, crops, farming methods

Forestry in Guyana

Logging operations, export of timber, contribution to GDP

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