Small Scale Farming in Guyana

In Guyana, many farmers practice small scale agriculture on the narrow coastal plain. These farmers grow crops and often rear some livestock on as well. Some of the produce is used to feed the family. The rest is sold, usually in local markets. 

An average peasant farm in Guyana is less than 10 acres in size. The farmer and family members provide most of the labour. Most of the land is used for growing crops. Peasant farmers grow a variety of crops including tomatoes, cabbages, peppers, ginger, yams, legumes and rice. Crop rotation is usually practiced. For instance, small farmers often rotate legumes with peppers or vegetable crops. Peasant farmers often rear some livestock including chickens, ducks and other small animals.

Farming is done using mostly labour intensive methods and  traditional hand tools. Several irrigation channels or canals are used to supply crops with water. Manure and compost are used as fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers may be used sometimes.

More modern methods are sometimes employed especially for the cultivation of rice. Tractors may be used to prepare the land. Chemical fertilizers are used. Combine harvesters are sometimes hired to harvest rice when needed. Unprocessed rice may be sold to mills for processing.

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